Overcoming Theological Tensions and Historical Injustices in the Orthodox – Eastern Catholic Relations

Update: This conference had to be postponed due to war in Ukraine. We will inform you of our change of plans soon.

In the heart of Eastern Europe, where history weaves a complex tapestry of relations, we extend an invitation to join us in Lviv, Ukraine, for a unique conference dedicated to the healing of memories between Orthodox and Eastern Catholics.

The conference seeks to transcend the historical divisions that have marked the path of these two communities, exploring the depths of their shared narratives and seeking avenues towards reconciliation.

We are calling for papers that bring fresh perspectives, insights, and solutions to the table. This is an opportunity to contribute to an ongoing narrative of reconciliation and understanding.

Possible topics include but are not limited to historical narratives, theological commonalities, ecclesiastical approaches to reconciliation, challenges and opportunities in ecumenism, case studies of successful reconciliation initiatives, and the role of memory and forgiveness in healing.

Share your abstracts (300-500 words) or panel proposals that encapsulate your contribution. We welcome narratives that resonate with the theme of healing and reconciliation.

The conference will be a hybrid experience, offering both in-person and virtual participation options to accommodate a diverse global audience. Selected papers will have the opportunity for publication in Palgrave Series Pathways for Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue.

For inquiries and submissions, please reach out to us via contact form.

Join us in Lviv, Ukraine, as we embark on a journey of exploration, dialogue, and transformation. Together, let’s build bridges that connect the past, present, and future. Your voice is essential in this transformative conversation.

We look forward to your contribution to this meaningful gathering in Lviv.