Orthodox-Eastern Catholic Dialogue Group (OEC) serves as a hub for the dialogue between members of Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches, as well as other institutions and individuals interested in improving the relations between them. In our formal capacity we are not an official dialogue group representing any of these churches (technically Eastern Catholic Church is not even an independent church because it is part of the Catholic Church) but instead our intention to provide the opportunity for theological impulses to emerge that we hope would result in advancing bilateral dialogue between these two traditions.

OEC began in 2018 as part of project Schatz des Orients, hosted at the Academy of Rottenburg-Stuttgart. Very soon other partners joined the initiative, among others Ecclesiological Investigations International Research Network. For the extended list of partners and institutions involved in the work of OEC see here. Some of the persons involved in the group are also there in the individual capacity (for the list of individuals see here). We of course welcome anyone who is interested in joining us in this very important goal of furthering the dialogue. Please subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to be informed about our activities or contact us directly if you would like to propose some activity or support our work in any way.

We are especially interested to work with the younger generation of theologians who are the future of the dialogue but also with other individuals and institutions both theological and non-theological (part of the problematic relations between these churches has political background and this is why the solution for these problems cannot be reached without the representatives of political milieu). We welcome to our ranks all that could in any way contribute furthering the dialogue between Eastern Catholic and Orthodox churches.