The purpose of our project is to research and demonstrate doctrinal, historical and liturgical aspects of the schism between the Orthodox and the Eastern Catholic churches.

Because this project is only emerging, we want it to be the result of our own research about the schism rather than a basic understanding or representation of the facts we believe we already know. History is too often written by the victors and it too often reflects the goals and interests of one side in a conflict.

We plan to encourage theologians and church historians in both of these churches to work together and to try to flesh out historical facts as they were or are and not as they are seen by one side or the other. We firmly believe that only the research, which can be accepted by all sides, comes most near to the truth of the matter. This of course presumes a certain degree of honesty on behalf of the academic, openness for the dialogue, and readiness to move beyond set borders even at the cost of isolation in ones own church.

We hope to be able to host this pioneering work and support those willing to get it through.