The Byzantine Christianity of Hungary in its Greek-Catholic and Orthodox forms is located at an important cultural “interface” and offers numerous connections to western and eastern Christianity, as well as to Vienna (icon of Máriapócs in St. Stephen’s Cathedral). Since 2018, a research group set up at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Lendület project, headed by Dr. Tamás Véghseő) has been dealing with the history of the Greek Catholic Church in Hungary.

The conference is organized by the Department of Theology and History of the Christian East of the Catholic-Theological Faculty of the University of Vienna (Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Németh) in cooperation with the aforementioned research group and the PRO ORIENTE Foundation. Specialists from Hungary will shed light on the history of the Greek Catholic and Orthodox Christians in Hungary from the Middle Ages to the present day and also include art, liturgy and law. The event is aimed at everyone who is interested in Eastern churches and Hungary and is also accompanied by services in the Byzantine rite.

You can find the conference program here:

Tagung Zwischen Ost und West 22.-23.10.21

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